Lisa's new brace

Lisa’s new brace

My baby took her first step this week.  🙂   And she can get dressed all by herself now as well.  These are the successes of the person awaiting major reconstructive knee surgery.  Being able to take a step is worth celebrating when you have a ruptured ACL and MCL.


Lisa finally got her new knee brace on Saturday and was able to retire the massive velcro splint that she had been using.  Putting on that splint was like trying to wrap a saddle around her leg.  At this point she can’t drive (and won’t be able to for many months) so she is at the mercy of others to get where she needs to go.  One thing is for sure, it builds character…


Me, I fetch ice a lot…


We leave this Sunday to fly to Sydney for her surgery, which will be on Tuesday.  One “overnight” in the hospital followed by a few days of recuperating in a rented one bedroom apartment, then home again to begin rehab.  They say to expect six months of rehab to get to the point of being active, and about a year to get back to normal.

The Black Pearl

The Black Pearl


Had Lisa been more mobile, she would have joined me this past Saturday at the world famous “Henley-on-Todd” regatta here in Alice Springs.  It is the only regatta in the world that takes place in a dry riverbed.  The participants have to carry their “boats”.  What can I say, central Australians are looking for any excuse to party.  🙂